Alarmed train passengers alert police to 'armed' Deadpool

Deadpool has gotten away with fighting and dancing his way through Comic-Con International and even thrusting his pelvis into strangers on the street, but when he boarded the morning train in Sydney, Australia, loaded for bear, he may have been courting trouble.

The Herald Sun reports police stormed a peak-hour train Friday morning after receiving reports from alarmed passengers of a man dressed in a red-and-black costume armed with handguns, grenades and samurai swords. What they found was Reuben Rose, dressed as Deadpool and carrying fake weapons as part of Superhero Week, a campaign to raise money for the children's hospice Bear Cottage.

"It might have been the swords. Or the guns. Or the grenades. Or the bullet belt," Reuben later wrote on his Facebook page. "Either way, someone on the train was convinced I was a terrorist in a unitard."

He was pulled off the train, and his plastic weapons thoroughly examined, but not charges were filed. According to the newspaper, police told Reuben he was "he was a bit of an idiot” for boarding the train like that. He was permitted to catch the next train, with his arsenal stashed away in his bag.

"They let me go but told me to call the police line before I leave work so that they don't respond if someone calls on the home journey," he added on Facebook.

There are plenty of photos of Deadpool with police on the newspaper's website.

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