Alan Tudyk on "Blue Beetle-Booster Gold" Movie: "If It's Working With Nathan, I'm In"

The mere report of a Blue Beetle-Booster Gold movie made DC Comics die-hards go giddy, but when fan-favorite actor Nathan Fillion said he'd like to play Booster Gold, there was a unanimous bwa-ha-ha of approval. Well, according to his "Firefly" co-star, Alan Tudyk, if Fillion is on board for the movie, he'd definitely be down to take a stab at playing Blue Beetle.

In an interview with ComicBook.com, Tudyk addressed Fillion's interest in playing Booster Gold, and went on to share his enthusiasm for the idea of suiting up alongside his "Con Man" acting buddy. "Well, that's great. If it's working with Nathan, I'm in. Also, being a bug for me? I'd like that. Roly-poly is nice. I'd like to be one of them. That's what we called them back in Texas, but they're almost a beetle."

The "Roly-poly" description certainly fits that of classic Blue Beetle Ted Kord, but if this film's incarnation of Blue Beetle is Jamie Reyes -- as earlier reports indicated -- then Tudyk wouldn't be a fit for the teenage/Hispanic part.

The upcoming Blue Beetle-Booster Gold movie is reportedly being directed by Greg Berlanti, who DCTV fans know as the producer of "The Flash," "Arrow" and "Supergirl," among many other series in the pipeline. Warner Bros. hasn't officially scheduled or announced the film.

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