Alan Tudyk Almost Turned Down K-2SO Role, Reveals Character's Origins

While much of the Star Wars news this week has been focused on the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, actor Alan Tudyk is still looking back on his Rogue One droid character K-2SO, who's set to appear in an upcoming Cassian Andor series on Disney+.

At this year's Star Wars Celebration, Tudyk hosted a panel alongside Warwick Davis, who's also lent his voice to the galactic franchise. At the panel, Tudyk confirmed that the show will take place before the events of Rogue One and tell the story of K-2sO's origin with Diego Luna's Rebel captain Cassian Andor. It's been described as a spy series, which could be an indication that audiences will get to see the Imperial droid operate behind enemy lines after Andor brought him over to the Rebel Alliance.

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With more K-2SO to come, Tudyk told the audience about his origin story in the Star Wars universe, which surprisingly started with him turning down the role. Rogue One director Gareth Edwards had shown him concept art and designs for the film during a previous Star Wars Celebration, but he had to decline due to an apparent scheduling conflict. Fortunately, his calendar cleared up, and he was able to take the role.

Tudyk also shared some behind-the-scenes stories from conceptualizing the droid. Initially, K-2SO would've had fully operational eyelids. That design was quickly scrapped, though, when the team realized that the prequel status of the movie meant he had to be more primal than the franchise's most famous droid in C-3PO. Thus, the stone-faced, bandy-legged K-S20 design was born.

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But the lack of facial reactions gave Tudyk the freedom to play around with the script, and he was allowed a substantial amount of improvisation on set. Several of his one-liners, including "Cassian said I had to" were ad-libbed.

Doubtlessly, K-2SO will doubtlessly bring his unique brand of sass and circuitry to the Cassian Andor series, which does not yet have an official title or release date.

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