Alan Tudyk Wrote a Star Wars Adventures Comic Starring K-S20

Alan Tudyk’s performance as the perpetually irate droid K-S20 in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was one of the film’s standout roles amid an already densely talented ensemble cast. Unfortunately, Rogue One fans will recall that the suicide mission that was the plot's focal point turned out to be just that for most of the characters, K-S20 included.

Tudyk will return to the role through the magic of comics, though. The actor has co-written a script that will be featured in the upcoming third issue of the all-ages comic Star Wars Adventures. The story, titled “Adventures in Wookiee-Sitting,” will pit Diego Luna’s Rogue One character Captain Cassian Andor and K-S20 against a group of baby Wookiee’s that predictably need to be babysat.

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“I wrote some of K-2SO’s words in this,” Tudyk said in interview with Nerdist. “I know how he speaks and thinks since I spoke and thunk him in Rogue One.”

While the story seemingly resurrects K-S20 and other Rogue One characters, it’s unlikely those characters will make their way back into a Star Wars movie any time soon. Few things are capable of coming back from a Death Star strike after all, prototype or not.

star wars adventures 3

Star Wars Adventures #3 hits stores on Oct. 11, 2017.

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