Alan Moore's <i>Unearthing</i>, Gary Panter's <i>Dal Tokyo</i> on the horizon

Two of America's premier art comix publishers have released further details of a pair of high-profile releases of repackaged work by two of the art form's most influential, if wildly disparate, creators. Top Shelf is publishing Alan Moore's "narrative art-book" Unearthing, a new edition of a piece that began as an essay, became a spoken-word piece, and was released in various audio formats a couple of years back featuring a score by Faith No More's Mike Patton and Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite, among others (hear an excerpt over at Pitchfork). It's ostensibly a biography of Moore's friend and mentor Steve "Pedro Henry" Moore (it's now customary to write "no relation" at this juncture) in both his career as a comic book writer and in his mid-life conversion to studying magic, although with Moore being Moore, wanders off on many Iain Sinclair-esque tangents into the psycho-geography of both South London and their native Northampton.

Fantagraphics has released images on its Tumblr of Dal Tokyo by Gary Panter (including the strip seen above), as if to prove it really exists, the book being one of those long-promised Fanta projects that a lot of people had either forgotten was ever solicited, or had given up hope of ever seeing. Turns out it'll be with retailers before the end of the month. Possibly.

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