Alan Moore's 'Supreme: The Return' announced for May 2003 from Checker

Official Press Release

DAYTON, Ohio: Checker Book Publishing Group has announced May publication of its second and final volume in its collection of the Alan Moore-scripted Supreme comics.

Supreme: The Return (0-9710249-6-0, 252 full-color pages, $24.95) follows hot on the heels of December 2002's The Story of the Year (0-9710249-5-2, 312 pp., $26.95), and collects the final ten issues (#53-56, and #1-6) of Moore's acclaimed two-year run on the title, published in serial by Maximum Press/Awesome Entertainment in 1996 and 1997.

Readers will note the change in the artistic roster on The Return, as Chris Sprouse takes over pencilling chores from Joe Bennett. Rick Veitch contributes more of his masterful flashbacks to bygone eras of hero comics, with nods and winks to Julie Schwarz, Neal Adams, Mort Weisinger, John Broome, EC, and MAD Magazine. Cameo flashbacks by Jim Starlin and Gil Kane round out a star-studded artistic roster that deftly executes Moore's brilliant scripting.

Though the source material -- computer files and negatives -- from which The Return was originally printed is lost, Checker has made large capital investments in their in-house pre-press plant, which have restored the work to its original quality.

"With each new printing, each new title, each new series -- Alien Legion, Clive Barker?s Tapping the Vein and Hellraiser, Alan Moore?s Supreme -- Checker will be refining and improving our production methods," said Checker Publisher Mark Thompson.

Supreme: The Return, like all Checker titles, is distributed to the U.S. book trade by the tandem of Midpoint Trade Books and Diamond Book Distribution. Direct-market retailers can purchase from Diamond, FM International and Cold Cut. In Canada, Hushion House distributes Checker; while Turnaround handles U.K., Commonwealth and E.U. accounts.

Checker Book Publishing Group was established in 2000, and is located in the Dayton suburb of Centerville, Ohio.

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