Alan Moore's "Forgotten" Work, "Monster," Returns to Print in 2016

An early Alan Moore work will soon find its way back to bookshelves following decades in obscurity. The Guardian has reported that "Monster," a horror strip originally published weekly horror anthology "Scream!," will return to print courtesy of 2000 A.D. The entirety of "Monster" will be collected and reprinted in a 190-page book this July.

Moore collaborated with writer John Wagner on the series; Wagner is also the creator of Judge Dredd. Monster features art by Heinzl. "Monster" follows the tale of disfigured man who escapes from a life spent locked in an attic only to turn to murder.

"While Alan was beginning his groundbreaking run on 'Swamp Thing' for DC Comics in America in the early '80s, he was still working for the UK industry where he'd cut his teeth," said 2000 A.D. spokesman Michael Molcher. "The late '70s and early '80s were a heyday for British comics, with shelves groaning under the weight of a myriad of titles all the way from classic war comics through to horror comics. [But] despite teaching a whole generations of kids how to read and appreciate good stories, this period of classic British comics has been woefully neglected and with our reprints of 'Monster' ... we're bringing great comics from some legendary names back into the light."

The strip began its run on March 24, 1984. The "Scream!" anthology folded just three months after "Monster's" debut, which led to the series to be incorporated into the anthology series "Eagle." Molcher discussed the restoration process needed to reprint "Monster," revealing that "finding good quality copies of 'Scream!' has been difficult as the original film of the story has long since disappeared, but we have substantial experience with '2000 A.D.' collections of restoring neglected comics back to how they looked in the 1970s and '80s."

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