Alan Moore to Write "Crossed: +100" For Avatar

Bleeding Cool reports that "Watchmen" creator Alan Moore will script a new "Crossed" 6-issue series from Avatar Press in December. Titled "Crossed: +100," the series takes place 100 years from the date of the original Crossed outbreak and includes art by Gabriel Andrade. In addition to scripting the self-contained "Crossed" arc, Moore also designed every cover for the six issues.

"What kind of human future would there be at all? Would humans all be gone? Once I started thinking about this, and I checked all this with [series creator] Garth [Ennis], and he thought that it was logical, it seems pretty sound," Moore said in a statement. "So, that's been part of the thrill of it. I think people think of 'Crossed' as a horror story, and I can see why. It is extremely horrible. But actually I've always had my problems with genre, and I am coming to the conclusion that genre has really only ever been a convenience.

"Now, looking at 'Crossed,' I was actually thinking that this, for my purposes, is a horror story, but it's also a science fiction story. I was thinking that 'Crossed' is actually a science fiction story that has got a really, really high horror quotient. So that was the way that I started approaching it. I was treated 'Crossed' as a 'What if?' story, which is the premise of most science fiction."

"Crossed: +100" is the legendary creator's latest project with Avatar. The publisher released the final issue of "Neonomicon" in 2011, with the upcoming series "Providence" -- a follow-up to "Neonomicon" -- announced at N.I.C.E. 2012. His "Nemo: River of Ghosts" "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" graphic novel is currently set for publication in Spring 2015 from Top Shelf

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