Alan Moore to offer 'From Hell' coda in 'Yuggoth Cultures'

Ask the following question of any comics fan and you're likely to get one of two answers: "What's your favorite comics work by Alan Moore?" The response will likely be either "Watchmen" or "From Hell." While fans still hope-against-hope that one day a proper silver screen version of "Watchmen" will go into production, fans of "From Hell" have already seen a Hollywood version of their favorite graphic novel come to life. But beyond films, there's not much hope for follow-ups to either books, for obvious reasons to anyone who's read these books.

Well, that's what we've all been led to believe.

CBR News has learned that in the third issue of the three-part Avatar Press series "Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures and Other Growths" fans of "From Hell" will be given a special treat in the form of a coda, a concluding statement from the author regarding his seminal work. The coda is entitled "I Keep Coming Back" with art by Oscar Zarate. This third issue will ship to stores in November.

"'I Keep Coming Back' is almost a completely true-life story," said Moore. "It also serves as a coda to 'From Hell,' if you like. It was originally written for an anthology of 'London noir,' and since the events in it had almost just happened to me it seemed like there was a good little London noir story right there. For people who've read 'From Hell,' it's a very interesting little sort of coda to that piece."

The first issue of "Alan Moore's Yuggoth Cultures and Other Growths" hits stands next month. It's a three-part, 40 page per issue mini series featuring out of print and hard to find comic horror stories from Moore. Art contributors include from Bryan Talbot, Val Semieks, Oscar Zarate, Jacen Burrows, Juan Jose Ryp, and Mike Wolfer, with covers by Juan Jose Ryp. Included in the series is the newly-completed, first part of Moore and Bryan Talbot's lost classic "Nightjar," a story which was started some 20 years ago to appear in the UK Comics, "Warrior." Also to be found within the pages of YCaOG are some of Moore's Lovecraftian epics adapted by Antony Johnston, appearing in comics for the first time.

"This coda to the masterpiece 'From Hell' is a prime example of the type of horror material we are collecting in 'Yuggoth Cultures," Avatar Press publisher William Christensen told CBR News. "And part of the horror is that much of this material from one of the most important creators in comics is either long out of print or has never seen print in the U.S. 'I Keep Coming Back' and the rest of 'Yuggoth Cultures' is a key part of Moore's body of work."

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