Alan Moore joins Top Shelf for a hanful of projects

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It's official. Alan Moore is on top -- Top Shelf, that is. Top Shelf

Productions is pleased to announce three upcoming projects from famed

comics scribe Alan Moore, the virtuoso behind such landmark works as

From Hell, Watchmen, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The

first two projects, The Mirror of Love and Voice of the Fire, are due

out Summer 2003, with the third project, Lost Girls, to follow.


by Alan Moore & José Villarrubia

This epic poem recounts the history of same-sex love, revealing a

hidden side of Western culture through the lives of its greatest

artists. Sappho, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Oscar

Wilde, and many others are woven into this rich, visceral piece

described by The Comics Journal as a "vital, affecting piece of work …

exquisitely moving -- not because it's a testament to same-sex love, but because it's a testament to love, period." Originally written fourteen years ago, The Mirror of Love sprang from Moore's activist heart as a reaction to Britain's controversial anti-gay law, Clause 28. In the past, Mirror has been translated into both a comic book and a stage production, but Top Shelf presents it as it was meant to be, a hardcover book illustrated with over forty full-color photographs from acclaimed artist José Villarrubia. Included in the 120-page special edition is an essay about the poem and its previous incarnations, an index of characters and places, a selection of classic poems quoted in the text, and a bibliography. The result is a truly arresting volume that captures the spirit of Moore's poem while redefining the concept of a picture book for adults.


by Alan Moore; illustrated by José Villarrubia; with an introduction by

Neil Gaiman

Teen Witches, old warriors, mad poets and talking heads. In thirteen self-contained stories, Voice of the Fire narrates the lives of

extraordinary characters that lived in the same region of England over

the course of 5,000 years. These interconnected stories paint the

landscape of Northampton in a stunning, dark palette. In the tradition

of Kipling, Borges and Schwob, Moore weaves fact and fiction in tales

haunted by lust, ghosts and longing. Top Shelf will offer the first

printing of Moore's masterpiece as a hardcover, illustrated with José

Villarrubia's trademark computer manipulated images. This first

American edition will also feature new cover art and an introduction by

the award-winning creator of Sandman, Neil Gaiman. Time Out magazine

calls it "Remarkable, savage and, at times unbearably beautiful," and

Locus "A daring, unsettling work of literature."


by Alan Moore & Melinda Gebbie

Can pornography be art? Can an erotic comic have literary merit?

Can both men and women enjoy explicit images? Moore and Gebbie set out

to answer these difficult and ambitious questions in Lost Girls, a

240-page fully painted graphic novel that has been in the works for over a decade. Like he did in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Moore revisits characters from Victorian fiction, this time children's

literature. The three protagonists are the familiar faces from

Wonderland, Oz and Neverland, who meet as grown women in a mysterious

hotel in 1913 England. There, they embark on a journey through an erotic fantasy world of their own conjuring, all rendered in Gebbie's

beautifully painted, full-color art. Lost Girls will be yet another

addition to Moore's long list of genre-defining works, as it seeks to

reinvent pornography as something exquisite, thoughtful, and human. Top

Shelf will celebrate the release of this highly anticipated book with a

hardcover first edition, and offer a limited run of books signed and

numbered by both Gebbie & Moore.

Special Bonus Items:



To satisfy those who cannot wait until summer, Top Shelf begins its run

of Alan Moore releases in April, 2003 with the latest installment of its flagship anthology, Top Shelf: Asks the Big Questions. Among this

collection of stories by the industry's most distinguished talent is a

never-before seen Cobweb tale. Previously banned by DC Comics from the

ABC/Wildstorm anthology Tomorrow Stories, Top Shelf's publishing of this evocative story provides Moore's heroine and her fans with the sense of completion they are due. Lastly, also scheduled for release in April, is the first ever lithograph of Alan Moore himself. José Villarrubia captures the essence of the creator in this striking image that is destined to be framed and displayed. The Alan Moore lithograph is offered in both signed and unsigned versions.

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