Alan Moore Confirms Retirement From Comic Books

Alan Moore's days in the comic book business are officially drawing to a close. During a press conference promoting his latest novel, the legendary writer spoke about his plans to retire, stating that he has "about 250 pages of comics left" in him.

Moore went on to explain that he'll likely enjoy the remainder of his comic book writings and that he has several projects already in the works. "There are a couple of issues of an Avatar [Press] book that I am doing at the moment, part of the HP Lovecraft work I’ve been working on recently," Moore told The Guardian. "Me and Kevin [O'Neil] will be finishing 'Cinema Purgatorio,' and we’ve got about one more book, a final book of 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' to complete.

"After that, although I may do the odd little comics piece at some point in the future, I am pretty much done with comics."

Moore noted that while he still has great respect for the medium, he believes that his work with comic books has run its course. He expressed a willingness to pass the reigns to younger creators, rather than see the quality of his work diminish by rehashing the same themes. The author also hinted that he might be interested in tackling new challenges, like film.

Alan Moore is well known for writing many highly influential comics, including "Watchmen," "V For Vendetta," and "Batman: The Killing Joke." His novel, "Jerusalem," goes on sale September 13, 2016.

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