Alan Moore and Steve Parkhouse's "BoJeffries Saga" toplines the Return of "A1"

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Neil Gaiman picked up their first industry award, a Harvey ­ now A1, one of the most acclaimed and award-winning anthologies to ever hit the comic book market, is back with an impressive new roster of talent.

Gracing A1's return to form is Alan Moore and Steve Parkhouse's lost classic of supernormal suburbia, THE BoJEFFRIES SAGA. Featuring 17 pages of SAGA material, A1 BIG ISSUE ZERO features the first story arc in a newly reformatted 13 page version (unavailable anywhere else), for all those Moore completists, as well as Alan and Steve's original 4 page prologue that introduced the clan to an unsuspecting world.

In addition to THE BoJEFFRIES SAGA, A1 also features the work of master storyteller Steve Dillon, perhaps best known for his runs on PREACHER and THE PUNISHER. For BIG ISSUE ZERO, Dillon will be scribing a brilliantly poignant tale of life and loss, as only he can tell it, KATHLEEN'S HOUSE.

Piling onto the list of top-line talent is Dave Gibbons and Ted McKeever. Two of the premiere writer-artists of the direct market, they're teaming together for SURVIVOR - a fabulous mini-epic that's been called a startling dissection of the demi-god hero genre, and often recognized as the best non-Superman, Superman story ever written.

"We're quite excited about our starting line-up," Atomekan Dave Elliott said. "We're honored that Alan Moore, Steve Parkhouse, Dave Gibbons, Steve Dillon, and Ted McKeever joined us in the first book we're putting out, right out of the gate." Publisher Ross Richie said, "I keep expecting Dave and Garry to call and cop to pulling the wool over my eyes. Guys?"

A1 BIG ISSUE ZERO ships in July, 48 pages long with a $4.99 price point. It's featured on page 231 of the current PREVIEWS catalog.

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