Alan Davis exclusive to Marvel

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Alan Davis, one of the comic book industry's most well respected andsought-after creators and long-time fan-favorite, has signed an exclusiveagreement with Marvel, the publisher was pleased to announce on Wednesday.

Davis's career highlights include DR & QUINCH in 2000AD and BATMAN AND THEOUTSIDERS and JLA: THE NAIL from DC, as well as its forthcoming sequel andhis next published project, JLA: ANOTHER NAIL. For Marvel and Marvel UK hiswork includes THE CLANDESTINE, KILLRAVEN, CAPTAIN BRITAIN, FANTASTIC FOUR,X-MEN, AVENGERS and EXCALIBUR. Davis will be a key player on the Marvel teamthrough the year 2006, with his first project under his new Marvel agreementdebuting in spring, 2004.

"I have been lucky enough to work on many of Marvel's greatest charactersover the years and I am really looking forward to returning," said Davis."Not in any nostalgic sense, this is about exploring new possibilities."

With Marvel, Davis will continue to produce the kind of comic book that hasfuelled his passion for the artform from his childhood through hisprofessional career.

"I have always produced comics that are aimed at an audience of any age thatis willing to suspend their disbelief and enjoy the fantasy," the creatorcontinued. "Fun, exciting, action-packed comics with the kind of stories andcharacters I discovered as a young kid. The same books that held my interestthrough my teens, inspired my first attempts at drawing and writing, and thereason I'm still hooked after twenty years at the drawing board."

"There are certain creators whose very presence add a touch of class andprofessionalism to everything they do and the companies they work for; AlanDavis leads the pack in this category," said Marvel Editor-in-Chief JoeQuesada. "Since my days as a reader I've been a fan of this legendaryartist's work and I'm thrilled that he's decided to make Marvel his home forthe next three years. I think fans will be delighted when they hear whatAlan's new project will be (I know I am) but that's an announcement foranother day. Welcome to the Marvel Reload; every week we're just adding toour arsenal!"

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