Batman: The Animated Series Producer Alan Burnett Retires

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Veteran Warner Bros. Animation producer Alan Burnett announced today that he will be retiring after more than 33 years in the industry. Burnett’s announcement came with a flood of support and well wishes from his former co-workers.

Burnett’s career in animation began with SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show in 1984. He went on to hold positions like story editor, producer and writer on animated series like DuckTales, Batman: The Animated Series, Superman, Static Shock and Batman Beyond. Burnett’s next project to be released is the upcoming animated feature Batman and Harley Quinn, and a representative from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment said there are "several more" unannounced projects he's worked on still to come.

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Burnett made numerous friends over his decades working for Warner Bros. Animation. Character Designer Phil Bourassa wrote on Instagram that Burnett is an “unsung hero of the seminal [Batman: The Animated Series] and one of the pioneers who helped set the stage for what has become the modern era of superheroes on film.” Bourassa said Burnett was the first executive producer to whom he pitched his design work when he started at Warner Bros. 15 years ago.

“It meant a lot to me when he stopped by my office last year to tell me how much he loved what we have been doing on the DC movies lately,” Bourassa said. “Long after he could have put his feet up and kicked back he still cares enough about the quality of work being done at our studio to reach out personally with words of encouragement.”

Burnett’s time as a producer and head writer on Batman: The Animated Series yielded big changes for the Caped Crusader and his many nemeses. It was Burnett who first suggested that the criminal Two-Face had a preexisting dual personality before, as District Attorney Harvey Dent, he was disfigured and turned to a life of crime. One of the series primary voice actors, Kevin Conroy, who played Batman on the show, posted a picture to Twitter celebrating Burnett’s career.

Longtime collaborator and pupil Bob Goodman also posted to Twitter thanking Burnett for being a “mentor, surrogate dad and superhero.” Goodman has written scripts for series like Justice League Unlimited, The Batman and Warehouse 13. Goodman wrote for the New Batman Adventures animated series from 1997 to 1998, a series on which Burnett served as producer.

Aside from producing and writing animated series, Burnett also wrote storylines for comic book series like Superman/Batman, The Flash and Justice League of America.

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