ALA: Dabel to launch young adult line

David Dabel, formerly of Dabel Brothers Publishing, was at the graphic novel Drink and Draw event today at the American Library Association annual meeting in Washington, D.C., to talk about his new venture, a line of young adult prose and graphic novels called Sea Lion Books, which will be distributed by HarperCollins.

Dabel gave me a quick guided tour through the first three books on their planned list. They are launching with a graphic novel adaptation of Paolo Coelho's The Alchemist, written by Derek Ruiz and illustrated by Daniel St. Pierre. "The Alchemist is a very inspiring story, which I don't think the young audience has yet experienced," Dabel said. "The art is stunning. That will help the young audience pick up the book." The book is due out in November.

Also on the list is Storm Born, a graphic novel by urban fantasy author Richelle Meade. "She is going to be doing a lot of original stuff for us as well," said Dabel, who hopes the graphic novel will bring her work to a younger audience.

The third book is a novel by Lesley Banks, creator of the Vampire Huntress Legends series. "It's urban fiction, fantasy — lots of vampires," Dabel said. "She has a series for adults, she is having the children of the adults for the first book be in a young adult novel." She has signed for a three-book series with the Dabels.

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