Al Pacino <i>Is</i> Phil Spector In David Mamet's Eyes

I'm calling it right now: The most eagerly anticipated movie of the future should be, and will remain to be until it's released (if it ever even gets made), David Mamet's biography of Phil Spector. Starring Al Pacino as the man who invented the Wall of Sound. It just sounds so wrong it must be right.

No, it's not that it sounds wrong, exactly - more than it sounds as if each of the three people in the above paragraph got involved as the result of some weird Hollywood version of Madlibs. Who would've expected Mamet to want to do a Phil Spector movie? Who even now believes that Pacino will pull off the genius director/crazy afro'd white dude with an itchy trigger finger?

(The New York Times has a great quote from a spokesman from Mamet and Pacino's agency that "He just saw a very interesting character to play, and he likes the sensibility of David and Barry [Levinson, who'll be exec. producer on the project for HBO]." Yes, interesting. That's a good way to put it.)

HBO is already telling excited reporters that the project is only in the very earliest stages of development, which sounds to me as if they're preparing for the possibility of it not happening. But until we get that bad news officially, the sheer potential pop cultural smash-up weirdness of this project has made it my The Social Network of Films Yet To Come.

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