Ewing Assembles Marvel's U.S.Avengers for No Surrender

What can you tell us about the inciting incident and threats the Avengers are up against in "No Surrender?"

Issue one - the Earth is stolen! There's a spate of natural disasters all over the globe - tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes - and on top of that a mysterious force is targeting Earth's heroes. And if that wasn't enough, expect the Black Order and an all-new, all-violent Lethal Legion to join the party!

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The other plus point is the reappearance of the Founding Avenger you never knew about... until now! And on the villain's side, expect the return of one of the Avengers' oldest foes, as well as a brand-new giga-threat that's been waiting since the dawn of the Seventh Cosmos... to take a terrifying revenge! I'm sorry to lapse into the old Stan Lee-style banter, true believer, but this one truly has it all!

Bringing the story to life in "No Surrender" is your frequent collaborator Paco Medina as well as artists Kim Jacinto, and Pepe Larraz. What's it like working with these guys on this big of a project? What do you enjoy most about their styles?

Art from U.S.Avengers #12 by Paco Diaz and Jesus Aburtov

They're three amazing talents, each with their own special something. Paco Medina's the master of action and character, and he's one of my very favorite collaborators - at this point, we're a fairly well-oiled machine, and when I get a page back from him, I instantly know exactly what to do with it in terms of dialogue. He's got one of the hardest jobs, in my opinion - what job that is, I won't spoil - and he's throwing his all into it. Pepe Larraz I've worked with once before, and he was phenomenal then, and he's phenomenal now - someone else who can merge action beats and character moments with flair. Meanwhile, Kim's been a star - I'd describe his work as a little moodier, which is good, because he gets to draw some incredible emotional scenes, on grand and more human scales, and he knocks those moments out of the park every time. And of course, he's an action superstar as well. They're the perfect three artists for this project, and now that we've pretty much finished writing, we can sit back and enjoy the art pouring in.

The size of "No Surrender's" cast reminds of some of the classic Avengers epics from the '90s like Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pacheco's Avengers Forever. Is that what you and your collaborators are aiming for on this project?

I've accidentally called it Avengers Forever more than once in conversation. That's kind of the gold standard in a lot of ways, the bar to clear. We're doing something very different from what that was, but at the same time, we're telling a grand story on an epic scale, and right at the core of it is the idea of what it means to be an Avenger.

I'm incredibly confident in the work we've done here - every single issue is packed to the brim with action, excitement, adventure and even an important development or two, if that's what you're into. It might be the purest superhero action story I've ever been involved in. I can't wait for you all to read it.

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