Al Ewing AND Monica Rambeau? Sold!

Fans of British comics have known this for a while now, but Al Ewing is a damn fine comic book writer. I recently wrote about how impressed I was at the job he did on Jennifer Blood following Garth Ennis (a truly thankless task that Ewing somehow managed to really make work).

So when I saw Al Ewing got an Age of Ultron one-shot, I thought, "Oooh...maybe Marvel will be smart enough to give Ewing a book." However, the problem with Marvel is that their writing staff is deep with good writers. It is sort of the same thing that happened with Kieron Gillen a few years back. Everyone knew that the guy was ready to contribute big time, but where do you find the room for him? Luckily, today Marvel announced how they were going to fit Ewing in - give him a brand-new title!


Ewing will be launching a new Avengers book called The Mighty Avengers, spotlighting the street level heroes of the Marvel Universe. Basically the same role that Brian Michael Bendis' New Avengers had before that title changed focus under Jonathan Hickman's authorship.

Best of all, the book has one of my favorite characters in it, Monica Rambeau (although, while Spectrum is actually likely the best name she's had since Captain Marvel, I think Ewing should just embrace "Monica Rambeau" as her name - she doesn't need a code name. She doesn't need to hide)!

As you can see, it is a racially diverse group of heroes, with the racial split leaning towards African-American heroes. That's an interesting change of pace for a Marvel team book. I like, though, that just with Brian Wood's X-Men title, the name of the book doesn't try to highlight that fact. They're "simply" Mighty Avengers. That's the most important thing about them.


Looking forward to it (especially when the inevitable art rotation takes place)!

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