'Akira's' Katsuhiro Otomo designs massive mural for airport

Japan's Sendai Airport is installing a massive mural designed by Katsuhiro Otomo, the acclaimed creator of Akira.

Blending elements of traditional Japanese art with Otomo's distinctive stylistic touches, the 258-square-foot ceramic relief depicts a boy, accompanied by the gods of wind and thunder, riding "against nature's might towards the future he desires."

According to Rocket News24, the piece is being crafted by a team of 10 people for a planned installation in March in the airport terminal building. The project was proposed by the Japan Traffic Culture Association and funded by the Japan Lottery Association.

The director of Akira and Steamboy, among other films, Otomo's last published work was 2012's sci-fi short DJ Teck's Morning Attack. That same year he announced he's planning shonen series set in Japan's Meiji era, his first long-form manga since Akira.

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