'Akira' to mark 35th anniversary with 'definitive' box set

Kodansha Comics will celebrate the 35th anniversary of Akira next year with the release of a box set characterized as "the ultimate, definitive English edition" of Katsuhiro Otomo's pioneering cyberpunk manga.

The announcement was made over the weekend at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, where the U.S. imprint of Japanese publishing giant Kodansha also trumpeted the same-day digital release in English of Attack on Titan and 16 other titles.

With a suggested price of $200, the Akira: The 35th Anniversary Box Set will collect all six volumes of the seminal series in large-format hardcovers, along with the Akira Club art book, which includes Otomo's title-page illustrations from the original serialization, preliminary drawings, alternate art, commentary and more.

For the first time ever in English, the manga will be presented in its original right-to-left format, with unaltered original art and Japanese sound effects (with endnote translations). More extras are expected to be announced later.

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