Akira the Don channels anime on new mixtape

Artist, musician and our buddy Akira the Don has released a new mixtape, titled Manga Music, featuring "a tribute to the monumental works of Manga Entertainment, who this year celebrate 20 years of serving us Westerners with the very finest anime." Each song samples and is named after one of their releases, such as Evangelion, Full Metal Alchemist, Crying Freeman and, naturally, Akira.

"Twenty years ago I was a little boy living by the sea in North Wales gaping in awe at their advert for Akira in the back of my Dad’s copy of Vox magazine," Akira the Don wrote on his site. "A little while later I was pushing a big VHS cassette into its slot, an a few hours after that my life was changed forever."

You can find it on his site, along with a new T-shirt and hoodie, as well as on YouTube and, thanks to the magic of Soundcloud and embed codes, right after the jump.

Akira The Don - ATD26: Manga Music by Akira The Don

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