"AKA Jessica Jones" Photo Introduces Tennant's Purple Man

When David Tennant was announced as joining the cast of Marvel Studios and Netflix's "A.K.A. Jessica Jones" as Kilgrave, fans wondered how closely the character would hew to his violet-skinned, mind-controlling comic book counterpart, the Purple Man. And when "Daredevil" debuted last week, showing a gritty, realistic take on Hells Kitchen's hero, the odds of seeing a bad guy with bright purple skin seemed even less likely.

Now, a photo of Tennant posted to Instagram by user koray_ersin, may have answered that question. Purportedly shot on the series' set at Union Square Park in NYC, the picture shows Tennant wearing purple pants and jacket, though his skin remains makeup free.

While this could be a pre-powered Kilgrave, or Tennant's skin could be altered in post-production, the photo does indicate that the character will, on some level, pay homage to his four-color inspiration.

"A.K.A. Jessica Jones" is slated to debut on Netflix in late 2015

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