AK Comics UK Hot Summer Competition!!

Official Press Release

AK Comics of Egypt which has recently launched its 'Middle East Heroes' range of comic books in the USA and UK are pleased to announce some major new developments in preparation with their appearance at Comicon 2006.

Firstly, check out their new daily UK blog on www.ak-comics.blogspot.com.

And then enter the great new hot summer competition - open to everyone, everywhere - you can win a year's subscription to the comic by designing a completely NEW team of Middle East Heroes!!! Descriptions or images will be fine. Send your entries to akcomicsuk@aol.com or by post to: AK Comics UK, 9 Southdown Rd, Newhaven, East Sussex BN9 9JH, UK.

Checkout the AK website at www.akomics.com. Order 'Middle East Heroes' through the website or buy them in your local comic book store.

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