AK Comics "Rakan - The Lone Warrior" Line To Be Published In Greece

Official Press Release

CAIRO/ATHENS (December 28, 2005) – Cairo-based AK Comics has awarded Greek publisher Christos Koudakis & Associates the exclusive publishing and distribution rights in Greece & Cyprus to AK's popular RAKAN – THE LONE WARRIOR line of comic book titles. The announcement was made jointly by Marwan El Nashar, Managing Director of AK Comics and Managing Partner Christos Koudakis from Christos Koudakis & Associates.

According to the agreement, Christos Koudakis & Associates will translate, publish and distribute RAKAN in Greece & Cyprus on a monthly basis, with the first issue launching in February 2006.

"We are extremely pleased to forge our alliance with leading Greek publisher Christos Koudakis & Associates. As a result of our association, we can look forward to effective distribution of RAKAN, a core AK Comics title, within this important market," said El Nashar.

"AK Comics' RAKAN is a unique, striking superhero and a creative addition to the comic book entertainment that will capture the imagination of action-adventure fans throughout Greece. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with AK Comics, a bold and innovative company that is pioneering a significant new path in exporting Middle Eastern culture throughout the world," said Christos Koudakis.

RAKAN – THE LONE WARRIOR focuses on Rakan, the solemn warrior who wanders the deserts of Medieval Arabia and Persia. Rakan was as a crippled child when he witnessed a barbarian attack on his nomadic tribe. With little chance of survival, he was saved by a saber-tooth who raised him with her own cub, Arameh. As he grows, Arameh becomes closer to Rakan more than any human. Together they wander the Arabian wilderness, in search of the abducted 'Reem'… daughter of Hakim, The Old Wise One. Hakim took over the rearing of the young Rakan, teaching him the ways of SHEBA, embracing it's techniques of wisdom and peace as well as combat skills, and empowering him to face the world again as an invincible warrior.

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