AiT/PlanetLar Offers Up June's "Continuity" Online, In Its Entirety

Official Press Release

Larry Young's Gone Crazy

Because, as you know, one of the best things about having your ownbusiness is being the guy responsible for everything is also the worstthing about owning your own business. Responsible for everything.

Take this online/scanning/pdf comics-delivery thing. It's my feeling thatmaking a whole graphic novel available online at order time will only helporders in aggregate. Yes, there's always the risk that doing that willmake some retailers NOT order the thing, but it's my FEELING that theorders you get by being so bold will offset the ones you don't. Butthere's no real way to test whether or not pre-releasing the book onlineto retailers has any effect one way or the other without actually doingit, and no one's that crazy.

Oh, right; except me.

Here's our June book in ones and zeroes:

Dead tree version in shops June 21. APR06 2846

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