AiT/Planet Lar's "The Black Diamond" Receives Free Overship

Official Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO (June 10, 2005) In order to simultaneously thank retailers,keep that AiT/Planet Lar avalanche rolling, and herald the next upcominggraphic novels in the AiT pantheon of entertainment, publisher Larry Youngannounced today that copies of THE BLACK DIAMOND: ON RAMP will be freeovershipped to retailers. "And when I say 'free' I mean free," Young said."Fully fifty percent of a retailer's initial orders on the BLACK DIAMONDcolor book will be added to their orders for free. If a retailer ordered100 copies of the thing, he's getting 150. If he ordered fifteen, he'sgetting twenty-three, and I'm personally picking up the tab. Not only canhe or she use those extra copies to give away to folks who may have beeninitially reluctant to sample our first color book, or to those who wantto know what all the noise about us is all about; not only can he sell 'emand keep the money as my thanks for initially picking up the book... butI'm paying the extra freight our distributor, Diamond, charges, as well.It's all free to the retailer!"

Young has been working the crowd for a while, but even he was surprised athow the planets were aligning. "There's going to be some pretty bignationally-announced news regarding AiT/Planet Lar in general and THEBLACK DIAMOND in particular on Friday the 17th, and there's no way my palsin the direct market could have seen this big news coming and preparestock levels appropriately," said Young. "So instead of having to turnaway interested 'civilians' who will have heard about the project, savvyretailers who ordered the book initially will have fifty percent morecopies to sell and showcase."

But as AiT/Planet Lar is known for its innovative formats andpresentations, THE BLACK DIAMOND: ON RAMP isn't just your usual sort ofteaser book or "zero issue" for the monthly color series. Taking a newtack at the preview format, TBD also includes six pages of the upcomingoriginal graphic novel SMOKE AND GUNS by Kirsten Baldock and Fabio Moon. "In the real world, the cigarette girl is to smoking what the cocktailwaitress is to drinking," said author Kirsten Baldock. "I wanted to do abook about my time as a cigarette girl in the swanky clubs and seedy barsof San Francisco, and what better way to address my adventures than in acomic book about high heels and hot lead?"

Not content to stop there, Young threw in two pages of Matt (LAST OF THEINDEPENDENTS) Fraction and Steven ("Zombie Dinosaur") Sanders' FIVE FISTSOF SCIENCE. Based on a true story, this original color graphic noveldetails the battle, late in the nineteenth century, between the forces ofscience led by Mark Twain and Nicola Tesla and the forces of magic led byThomas Edison and J. P. Morgan.

"Let's face it, in the current market for comics nowadays, you need to notonly put out your comic on time, every time, but you also need a way tostand out from the crowd," said Young. "I don't think variant covers andgimmicks are the way to do it, frankly; I think if you put a quality comicin somebody's hand, they'll have an entertaining experience. I'm justputting my money where my mouth is. I'm betting folks will want this thingif they can actually get it. I'd much rather have written up a pressrelease that says 'BLACK DIAMOND is on your local shelves right now' thanone that says 'I got orders for ten thousand so we printed ten thousandand we sold out because that's how math works.' I mean, no kidding."

THE BLACK DIAMOND: ON RAMP is in shops this Wednesday.

AiT/Planet Lar is a pop-culture company dedicated to bringing high-qualityentertainment to the masses through the creation of original projects orproducing works deserving of wider recognition. AiT/Planet Lar provides afull range of services from concept to completion including writing, artmanagement, lettering, advertising and promotion, prepress production,ancillary merchandise, and print management. Currently the company isfocused on producing Original Graphic Novels to be distributed throughmass-market bookstores, Amazon.com, and specialty bookshops around theworld.

AiT/Planet Lar: Making Comics Better.

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