AiT/Planet Lar Subsidizes 3% Restock Penalty for Retailers

Official Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO (May 30, 2006) AiT/Planet Lar publisher Larry Youngannounced today AiT/Planet Lar is working with your local retailer to makesure you have a bunch of great summer reading when you're at the beach, onvacation, or just taking a break from the heat...

"Since most people reading comic industry press releases online are payingacute attention to the ins and outs of the comic book business today,"said Young, "they know that Diamond charges a 3% restock fee for backlistreorders. This may sound a little inside, but it means that it costs aretailer a bit more to carry independent or small press books like ourBrian Wood projects, or SMOKE AND GUNS, JOHNNY DYNAMITE, GIANT ROBOTWARRIORS, SUNSET CITY, or even the Eisner-nominated TRUE STORY SWEAR TOGOD than it does similar-priced books from DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, andImage. But this summer, just to even the odds a little bit, we're pickingup that tab for your local comic shop."

"Graphic novels and trade paperbacks have grown in sales for retailers byleaps and bounds over the past few years and no time is more successfulthan the warm summer months," said Filip Sablik, Diamond ComicsDistributor's Purchasing Assistant Manager of Printed Material."AiT/Planet Lar has been at the forefront of this growth area and thispromotion shows their commitment to helping retailers stock their productin stores for those hot summertime sales."

Retailers all over the world are stocking up and reinforcing theirexisting stash of AiT books. "Despite all the Wars and Crises that havebeen dominating the shelves lately, books like DEMO, COURIERS and LAST OFTHE INDEPENDENTS continue to attract new readers each month," says JohnTinkess of Another Dimension Comics in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. "Eventhough we already carry their full line, we'll be taking advantage of thisgreat offer to ensure that we have the entire AiT/Planet Lar line stockedin depth."

"Stocking and displaying AiT/Planet Lar books make any store look smarter.Now with the chance to save an extra 3% with the restocking fee waived,any store that stocks them will actually BE smarter," says Dan Merritt, ofGreen Brain Comics in Dearborn, Michigan, while Jason Richards of Riot!Comics and Culture of Camp Hill, Pennsylvania says, "That glorious bastardLarry Young does it again. The entire AiT/Planet Lar catalog already sellslike gold. But now with the 3% restock refund? Heck, that's reason enoughfor retailers to spread the gospel to the masses. Keep 'em on the shelvesand believe me, they'll sell!"

"Larry and Mimi publish many fine titles that belong on any goodretailer's shelves. DEMO and TRUE STORY SWEAR TO GOD are among my personalfavorites. If you are not getting AiT titles now, why not give them atry?" says Lee Hester of Lee's Comics in Mountain View, California.

Sam Hobart, of MacGuffin, The Graphic Novel Bookshop in Newport News,Virginia says, "First, covering the reorder penalty is a great idea thatwill make our weekly reorders of AIT product much easier this summer sinceI won't have to check with several suppliers to find out who has the booksin stock before weighing the pros and cons of each supplier. Seeing apublisher react to retailer concerns like this is nice. Second, sinceavailability is occasionally an issue when titles are between printings,not having to pay a reorder penalty makes it that much easier to keep anextra copy or two of a book like COURIERS or DEMO (which are seeingsignificant interest as Brian Wood's profile continues to expand) on theshelves."

All of these books mentioned, as well as the entire AiT line, areavailable at discriminating comic shops everywhere. And maybe even moreso,this summer.

AiT/Planet Lar (www.makingcomicsbetter.com) is a pop-culture companydedicated to bringing high-quality entertainment to the masses through thecreation of original projects or producing works deserving of widerrecognition. AiT/Planet Lar provides a full range of services from conceptto completion including writing, art management, lettering, advertisingand promotion, prepress production, ancillary merchandise, and printmanagement. Currently the company is focused on producing Original GraphicNovels to be distributed through mass-market bookstores, Amazon.com, andspecialty bookshops around the world.

AiT/Planet Lar: Making Comics Better.

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