AiT/Planet Lar expands, hires production coordinator

Official Press Release

[Ryan Yount]SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. (December 3, 2000) Publisher Larry Young announcedtoday that his publishing house has added artist/raconteur Ryan Yount asProduction Coordinator to the AiT/Planet Lar team.

"For the past three years, AiT/Planet Lar has been perceived to be, inthe eyes of the uninitiated, some sort of autocratic concern under mysole unblinking eye," said Young. "Nothing could be further from thetruth. Not only has publisher Mimi Rosenheim steered us on a steadycourse, but Brian (CHANNEL ZERO) Wood has been invaluable as a source ofdesign genius and savvy industry insight. It's my pleasure now towelcome Ryan Yount into our family of those who are MAKING COMICSBETTER."

Although schooled in neuro-psychology at the University of SanFrancisco, and most recently a researcher in brain imaging at Stanford,Ryan Yount nonetheless couldn't get comics out of his blood. "I figuredif I was going to sit behind a desk all day staring at a computerscreen," said Yount, "it's much better that I'm looking at Rob G. artfor THE COURIERS than cross-sectional axial slices of brain tissue."

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