AiT/Planet Lar announces San Diego mission

Official press release

SAN FRANCISCO (July 19, 2007) AiT/Planet Lar publisher Larry Young

announced today that all bets are off when it comes to his company's

presence in San Diego this year.

"The whole entertainment world is descending on San Diego, in

preparation for the always-fun show, and of course we'll be no

exception," Young said. "But there's a bit of the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE

assembling-of-the-experts thing going on this year, as AiT Operations

and BizDev maven and noted Larry-wrangler Mimi Rosenheim can't attend

the show due to the birth of our son Walker."

Josh Richardson, AiT's creative executive, is making the mad dash

south with Ash Aiwase, a portfolio operations analyst at the

California State Automobile Association, riding shotgun in the AiT

truck, Van Diesel. "Anyone who's done business with AiT in the past

nine years knows that Mimi is the heart of the business, and the one

to go to when you need a serious answer. Lar's the talent and the

company figurehead, sure, but Mimi's the one who makes sure the

fields get plowed when the cows get sick. So with her home with the

baby, Ash and I will be making sure everything runs like clockwork."

Young's own third issue of THE BLACK DIAMOND will premiere at the

show on Wednesday the 25th at Preview night, while simultaneously

hitting shops all over the nation so no one's left out of the

excitement. Also on hand will be ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY's Senior Editor

Marc Bernardin, as co-writer of this week's MONSTER ATTACK NETWORK.

Nima Sorat, MAN's artist, and co-writer Adam Freeman (executive

producer of A&E's GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS) will be at the AiT

booth #2001 on Thursday: 1:00-2:30, 5:00-6:00; Friday: 10:00-11:30am;

and Saturday: 12:00-1:00pm.

THE HOMELESS CHANNEL's writer artist Matt Silady will be signing

copies of his debut graphic novel from 1:00 – 2:00 pm on Friday,

Saturday, and Sunday.

Also on hand in the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE style is Larry's long-time

pal, super-retailer Pat Donley. "When I heard Mimi was going to miss

the show, I rolled up my sleeves and started making reservations to

come out," said Donley, general manager of the New Dimension Comics

chain in Pennsylvania. "Not that anyone can replace her, but I wanted

to help contain the havoc a Mimi-less Larry will undoubtedly wreak

upon the show."

Without set autograph times, but still at the booth throughout the

show will be television and DC comics writer Adam Beechen (signing

copies of HENCH), comic book pundit and scribe Steven Grant (making

his mark for you on BADLANDS and THE UNPRODUCED SCREENPLAY), and Mike

Brennan, writer/artist of AiT's best-selling book, ELECTRIC GIRL.

"He'll be all right," said Brennan. "All he has to do is show up and

we'll be ready."

AiT/Planet Lar is a pop-culture company dedicated to bringing high-

quality entertainment to the masses through the creation of original

projects or producing works deserving of wider recognition. AiT/

Planet Lar provides a full range of services from concept to

completion including writing, art management, lettering, advertising

and promotion, prepress production, ancillary merchandise, and print

management. Currently the company is focused on producing Original

Graphic Novels to be distributed through mass-market bookstores,

Amazon.com, and specialty bookshops around the world.

AiT/Planet Lar: Making Comics Better.

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