AiT/Planet Lar Announces "Demo" #5 & #6 Sold Out

Official Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO (October 25, 2004) AiT/Planet Lar publisher Larry Young announced today that issues number five and number six of the acclaimed miniseries DEMO by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan are completely sold out!

"Oh, wait; no, they.re not," said AiT/Planet Lar publisher Larry Young. "There WAS a brief time there when they were unavailable, though. In fact, in WIZARD #157.s price guide, they.re listed as rare. But because I.m a big believer in giving people what they want, we.ve gone back to press to ensure that all issues of DEMO are available as long as people want them. And it looks like people are going to be wanting them for a long, long time."

"As an artist, comic books to me are about sharing my stories with other people," said series artist Becky Cloonan. "The easier it is for readers to find my work, the more worthwhile drawing comics becomes."

Series scribe Brian Wood agrees: "DEMO is the most important project of my career. AiT/Planet Lar keeps it ready and available for anyone who wants to check it out, even after its initial overprint has been exhausted. That.s been really important to me. The fact that retailers keep stocking the single issues and selling them way, way past the traditional one-week shelf life& well, that speaks to their commitment to comics and to the quality of the series itself."

Matt Lehman, of Boston's Comicopia, says, "As long as Larry keeps DEMOs in print, they.ll keep selling in my shop."

Comic Pimp James Sime, of San Francisco.s Isotope, says, "DEMO is one of those series that everyone seems to love& from longtime superhero fans to indie comic diehards to random people who.ve never picked up a comic in their lives. EVERYBODY loves DEMO. As has been proven time and time again in 2004, there.s no better comic for breaking in new readers. AiT.s commitment to keeping these in print is like a personal commitment to making my cash register full and keeping my customers happy."

Retailer Atom! Freeman of Brave New World in Santa Clarita, California, says, "In this day and age, when everyone who wants general audience dollars is making graphic novels, the monthly, on-time DEMO generates more heat from different customers in my shop than anything else I can remember in a long, long time."

Brian Scot Johnson, of online retailer khepri.com, says, "If every floppy sold like DEMO, khepri.com would be known for monthly pamphlets as well as for trade paperbacks and graphic novels. It.s our best-selling monthly series of 2004, hands down."

DEMO is available everywhere.

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