Airwave to Publish Alan Moore & Dan DeCarlo

Official Press Release

Airwave Publishing President Rich Maurizio has proudly announced his newly-renamed company's first two book projects, the first focusing on the creative process of the celebrated author of comic Alan Moore, the other on a nearly forgotten and important chapter of the rich creative life of the late, great Dan DeCarlo. According to Maurizio, "Alan Moore Spells It Out and Dan DeCarlo's Jetta are being solicited in the September, 2005 edition of Previews, which just came out, and both books are scheduled to hit the shelves in November."

Concerning the specific content of each volume, Maurizio said that, "Alan Moore Spells It Out marks the first print appearance of one of the most in-depth interviews ever conducted with this celebrated writer. Even better, its focus is Moore's approach to creating art, with special attention paid to his thoughts on magic, its relationship with language and with creativity, and tons of stuff on making good comics. It was conducted by Bill Baker, a full time comics journalist whose work has appeared in numerous magazines, including Sketch, Comic Book Marketplace, Tripwire and Cinefantastique/CFQ." When asked what made this particular piece different from any other, previously released talk with the greatly-celebrated scribe, Maurizio answered that, "This is something that's more like overhearing a great conversation between a couple of good buddies than reading an interview, however good it might be. Bill managed to provide Alan with the perfect forum for the kind of discussion which is rarely heard these days, much less captured on tape. Everyone who's read the mock up, or even had a chance to glance through the Alan Moore-approved transcript, has gotten pretty excited by what they've seen." Regarding the book's format, Alan Moore Spells It Out will be an 80 page, sparsely illustrated trade paperback measuring 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, and retail for $9.95 US.


The other project Airwave Publishing will be offering is something which will benefit a cause that's quite special and very close to Maurizio's heart...and the hearts of uncounted fans across the world--Jetta, the very first trade collection of Dan DeCarlo's long-lost Jetta comic stories. One of the numerous "forgotten" projects that DeCarlo created art for during the 1950s, Jetta presented the wholesome adventures of the titular character and her friends as they explored their futuristic world. And, just in case bringing back these gems of comic storytelling isn't enough to get readers excited, there's a distinct double bonus to Airwave's push to get Jetta and her pals back on the shelves of stores world wide...


"Not only is Jetta an essential book, but a majority of the monies this collection generates will directly benefit Dan's widow, Josie DeCarlo," beamed Maurizio. In fact, this particular project has proven to be especially rewarding for everyone who has become involved with it. As Airwave's President noted, " It's a truly good and satisfying feeling to be doing this book."

Maurizio also wanted it known that he's still actively looking for any accomplished artists who might be interested in contributing their interpretations of the character Jetta for possible inclusion in a pin up section planned for the back of the trade collection. "Any artist who'd like to do a sketch for the pin up section of the Jetta trade should contact me directly at airwavepublishing@yahoo.com to let me know of their interest. Whether it's because they'd like to honor the memory and work of Dan DeCarlo, or because they'll be contributing to a cause that will benefit a truly wonderful woman, I'll be happy to supply them with a Jetta model sheet and all the info they'll need to submit their work."


Airwave Publishing plans to release Jetta as a prestige format trade paperback containing 64 pages of reprinted art and stories by DeCarlo, and the aforementioned sketch section. Airwave is offering Jetta in a choice of two covers, the first by DeCarlo, the other showcasing a beautiful drawing of Jetta by none other than Bill Morison, creative director for Bongo Comics Group, a regular contributor to The Simpsons line of comics, and the creator of Roswell, Little Green Man, among other fun and funny things.

Alan Moore Spells It Out and Jetta are being solicited in the current Previews catalogue, on page 213, under the Airwave Publishing heading in the "Green Section" featuring independent publishers. Both items are scheduled to ship in November, making them perfect gifts for the '05 Holiday season.

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