"Aiden McKain Chronicles: Battle For Earth" Coming This June from Digital Webbing

Official Press Release

HAVERHILL, MA (March 29, 2005) - Renowned artist, Adrian Sibar ("Planetof the Apes," "Batman") joins writer Mark Chernesky, and artist AlexAraiza to provide beautifully painted cover artwork to this summer'ssci-fi epic mini-series, "AIDEN McKAIN CHRONICLES: BATTLE FOR EARTH,"coming to Digital Webbing in June!

When a terrifying and violent race of aliens begin an attack on Earththat threatens the very survival of humanity itself, one man, NavyS.E.A.L. Aiden McKain, must come to terms with his heritage to realizehe is humanities' last hope for survival in the ultimate battle forEarth!

"I wanted to tell a military/sci-fi type of story but I also wanted totell a story with a message. In AIDEN McKAIN CHRONICLES: BATTLE FOREARTH, we are talking about an entire civilization having been basicallywiped out. Their culture and their way of life are gone. You can't dothat without there being some type of consequences," said writer MarkChernesky.

A special-edition 10-page preview (issue # 0) in can be found in theJune 2005 issue of COMIC BOOK DIGEST.

AIDEN McKAIN CHRONICLES: BATTLE FOR EARTH #1 ships in June from DigitalWebbing, featuring 24-color pages for only $2.99.

This comic can currently be ordered through Diamond Comics' PREVIEWScatalog (item code: APR05 2821), and retailers are encouraged to look attheir Diamond ordering forms for a special promotion related to thisitem!

For more information on this and other Digital Webbing projects, visitthem online at http://www.digitalwebbing.net .

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