Agents of SHIELD's Henstridge Addresses the Future of FitzSimmons

Agents of Shield Fitz Simmons Relationships

Fear not, FitzSimmons shippers! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star Elizabeth Henstridge, who plays Jemma Simmons, believes her character is willing to forgive and forget some of Fitz's darkest Season 5 moments when the show returns for its sixth season next summer.

Asked how Simmons can reconcile the Fitz who died with the one alive in space, Henstridge said, "Well, she understood why he did that to Daisy and she understood the sacrifice that they were all having to make difficult decisions to try and change the time loop, so I think she'd get it."

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"I think all our characters have done things that are really -- I mean, Yo-Yo was up against Quake with everything with Ruby. So we've all been through it, and I feel we're all easy to forgive on this team. None of us is perfect," she added.

Though Fitz died in the Season 5 finale, that is far from the end for the beloved character. Though heartbroken, Simmons made it clear she and the rest of the team will head to deep space to find the past version of Fitz, who — in the season’s fifth episode — went into cryosleep for 80 years to meet the rest of the team in the year 2091.

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During his farewell speech, Coulson lamented the fact he wouldn’t be able to say goodbye to Fitz. “But you’ll tell him for me,” he added with a smile, only to later clarify, "He’s frozen out in deep space somewhere.”

Returning in summer 2019 on ABC, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. stars Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennet, Henry Simmons, Ian De Caestecker, Natalia Cordova-Buckley and Elizabeth Henstridge.

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