Ruby Is Basically Agents of SHIELD's Version of Moonstone

Outside of her costume, Ruby is a blonde-haired, green-eyed beauty, just like Karla Sorfen. However, the show's version of her costume provides even more damning evidence, as it shares several design features with her comic book counterpart (as pictured above). The costume seems inspired by the shoulder pads and mask of the red and yellow look (left), with the gloves and color scheme of the silver and gold costume (right).

What's more, Ruby's character incorporates elements of both Moonstone and Meteorite's stories. Like Moonstone, she is the only child of a mother who hopes to build a better life for her daughter. Further, she is known as a means-to-an-end manipulator. She employed her manipulation skills against Brigadier General Glenn Talbot and even more blatantly against Werner von Strucker. Further, in the words of Ruby actor Dove Cameron, her character "cares more about getting things done than anything else" -- indicating that she believes the end justifies the means.

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However, some of Ruby's story syncs up with a different Meteorite. Though Karla was called Meteorite for a time, Meteorite is a character in her own right. Valerie Barnhardt was also a Thunderbolt, but she had a very different story. The daughter of a superhero and a supervillain, Valerie joined the Air Force as a pilot, until her commanding officer attempted to rape her. After she fought back and paralyzed him, she was sent to prison and later offered the opportunity to join the Thunderbolts in exchange for an early pardon. She chose the Thunderbolts and, in return, received an experimental suit that allowed her to fly and generate a force field. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. seems to have doled aspects of Meteorite's character to Ruby's mother, who is an Air Force General and former pilot.

Of course, Moonstone and Meteorite's stories get a little more interesting when gravitonium is involved. Meteorite was actually killed by Graviton when he launched her into space, where she suffocated to death. On the other hand, Moonstone was driven mad by Graviton after she discovered he had killed her childhood friend; her teammates were forced to subdue her and remove her Moonstone when she lost control. In other words, Graviton -- and gravitonium by extension -- are bad news for both characters.

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Since gravitonium has been heavily involved in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5, General Hale and Ruby's fates may have been spelled out already. Both characters seem to be tied to Marvel's Thunderbolts mythology in a way that indicates their involvement with gravitonium means certain death. Though Hale wants Daisy to use the particle infusion chamber and become the Destroyer of Worlds, Ruby has plans to circumvent her mother and use it on herself -- which could very well mean the end of the world as humanity knows it. If Ruby becomes bonded with gravitonium, she may become powerful enough to crack the world apart and usher in the future that Coulson and his team witnessed at the beginning of the season. Seeing as she doesn't care who gets hurt along the way, she certainly has the wherewithal to bring the world to an end.

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