Sentry: Marvel's Superman Underwent an Exorcism, But Is He Still Dangerous?

Sentry Agents of Wakanda feature

Warning: The following contains spoilers to Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda #2, by Jim Zub, Lan Medina, Craig Yeung, Marcio Menyz and VC's Joe Sabino, on sale now.

Even though Black Panther and the Agents of Wakanda have just stepped into their first solo adventure, things just kept going from bad to worse for Marvel's newest superteam. After receiving alerts of anomalous energy signatures in North America, the titular team flew out to investigate just what was harassing a small town in the middle of nowhere. Finding it beset by demons, team member Fat Cobra fought his way to the town's center where he found the Sentry, a threat far more powerful than anyone could have imagined.

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While he hadn't been seen much since his last solo series ended, the Sentry has continued to struggle against the dark Void personality that constantly haunted his waking moments. In that, series the Sentry merged with the Void, but the result of that amalgamation hadn't been seen until now. Needless to say, he didn't look good.

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Sentry the Void

When Fat Cobra first finds Sentry he appears to be in a meditative trance, and he's obvious the source of the energy spike and the demons besieging the town. The Agents of Wakanda endure their worst fears as the demons become personifications of their worst fears. Okoye and Wasp both see betrayals by the men they hold dear, with Black Panther turning to the side of evil in Okoye's vision and Tony Stark absorbed by Ultron in Wasp's nightmare.

While they fight through those visions, Thor shows up to lend a hand against Sentry, and Fat Cobra confidently forms a plan to defeat the Sentry and free him from the Void.

Summoning all the chi power he has available, Fat Cobra thrusts his fist into the Sentry and seemingly removes his evil essence. Literally consuming the Void himself, Fat Cobra later assures the rest of his teammates that the evil is thoroughly extinguished. However, the effect this has on Sentry remains ambiguous. While the hero does seemingly come to his senses and the demons dissipate, he gives very little explanation for what was going on before flying off once more.

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1093 Fat Cobra vs Sentry Void Agents of Wakanda

Notably, Sentry's appearance doesn't change after Fat Cobra performs his "surgery." While Sentry's iconic look is based around his golden costume radiating iridescently around blue compliments, his Void-merged costume is crimson red with black tones. If this look reflects his merging with Void, it's not clear why his costume didn't change when the Void was removed from him.

Even though the next issue will see the Agents of Wakanda turn their attentions to a situation on the Moon, this story is very much not over. It's not clear what the Sentry was doing in the small town or whether or not he's on the side of Marvel's heroes once again. Thanks to a meaningful assist from Thor and Fat Cobra's unparalleled digestive system, the heroes were able to contain the Sentry this time, but there's no guarantee that they won't have to do that again in the not too-distant future.

Before the Sentry returned in his last series, Thor killed the Sentry by hurling the Golden Avenger into the sun at the conclusion of their conflict where his body immolated and regenerated countless times over. Even with the Void gone, the Sentry could hold a grudge against Thor, and he might have a grudge against the Agents of Wakanda by association. In the meantime, we'll just have to wait and see if Fat Cobra's digestive system is really as powerful as he boasts.

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