"Agents of SHIELD's" Bennet Promises "Darker" Season 2 for Marvel's Spy Show

With "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s" resident hacker-turned-operative-in-training Skye now a fully fledged part of the reorganized agency, actress Chloe Bennet is looking forward to peeling back the layers of her character's mysterious origins.

Comic Book Resources spoke with Bennet briefly, and she hinted at major plotlines ahead for Skye and expressed her particular joy in discovering the identity of her first-ever TV dad.

CBR News: You're back at work, in the thick of the new season. How's it going?

Chloe Bennet: It's going, man! We are full swing in Season 2, and it's a darker season. I think there's a lot more surprises coming and Skye's in search of her parents -- Kyle [MacLachlan] got cast as my father! And we have a lot of new characters this season, so fans are going to be very, very excited because it doesn't disappoint.

Have you worked with Kyle yet?

Um, no -- I can't say anything about that! But I have met him several times. I never call him 'Kyle.' I call him 'Dad.'

Were you over-the-moon excited when you heard it was going to be him?

Yes! I was so excited. I never had an onscreen dad, so that was really cool. It was really great.

What's been fun and different for you about Season 2?

After the end of [Season1] and HYDRA, Skye's definitely been through a lot more. She's been training with May -- not only physically, but mentally, she's in a whole 'nother place, and she's grown. She's a lot more mature. She's still got that smartass core, but she's much more mature and more grounded this season, and a lot darker. She's in pursuit of finding out who she is and what she is and who her parents are and what they've done and the truth about her family and why Coulson was carving weird stuff at the end of the season. So, we'll find out!

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