Agents of SHIELD: Is Deke Related to Mockingbird & Lance Hunter?

As the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. find their place in the future, one character continues to be a mystery for Director Phil Coulson and the team: Deke. Introduced in the Season 5 premiere, Deke has stuck by the team since they first arrived, but his methods and morals have left them all -- and Daisy in particular -- in precarious positions. However, if the flashback episode "Rewind" was any indication, Deke may be a lot closer to the team than anyone (including himself) realizes.

In "A Life Earned," Deke offered the first real clue about his parents and their role in the True Believers. "I was nine... when my mother got dragged away and murdered," he revealed. "Kasius got rid of all the elders, all the smart people, and she was one of them. And after she was gone, my dad took up the cause. He carried the torch for her and, as I got older, I begged him not to. I said that they were going to get him too, and I was right. He got sent to the roaches, just like the rest of them."

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Here, Deke makes it clear that his parents were the staunchest of True Believers, so much so that it led to their deaths. His character looks to be in his late 20s or early 30s, which may indicate that he is only two generations removed from those who lived on Earth before it was destroyed. If that's the case, his parents may have interacted with -- or perhaps are even the children of -- a generation that grew up on Earth when it was whole.

Per "Rewind," Lance Hunter knew of the cataclysm to come and promised Fitz that he would stick around to take care of Robin Hinton, the young Inhuman girl who made the dire prediction. What's more, he said he'd bring his on-again, off-again partner Bobbi "Mockingbird" Morse into the fold. "We'll look after those two. Bobbi could use a good cause," he told Fitz, just before Fitz went into a cryosleep that lasted until the year 2091.

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With foresight like that, Hunter likely stuck around the bunker. If he followed through on his promise to Fitz, that increases his chances, since he would have literally protected Robin from the end of the world by keeping her there. This suggests that Hunter -- and Bobbi by extension -- would have survived Earth's destruction, living out the rest of their days in the Lighthouse.

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