Agents of SHIELD Brings First Arc to Bloody Finale With Multiple Deaths

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "Past Life," the latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

As the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fought to return to their proper time, they suffered a few casualties along the way. In "Past Life," the latest episode, they lost their allies Deke and Enoch, even as they were able to deal a killing blow to an enraged Kasius.

Both Deke and Enoch sacrificed themselves so that Coulson's team could return home and hopefully prevent Earth's destruction. At the start of the episode, Enoch stayed behind on the Zephyr as everyone else infiltrated the Lighthouse to recover Flint and enlist his help in restoring the monolith that sent them there in the first place. On the Zephyr, he intended to power up a machine Fitz and Simmons built in the past, which would cause the monolith to activate and send them home.


As with most of the agents' plans, it quickly went awry. Enoch was discovered by the Kree before he got the machine online. Begrudgingly, Deke volunteered to go help Enoch out. "I knew the moment I laid eyes on all of you that it was going to spell my downfall," he said. "I'll go. I'll secure the machine and save the weird robot."

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"I'm kind of trying to do the whole hero thing here, man," he explained. "You guys get killed. Who saves the world then? I told my parents not to believe in this roach crap fairy tale and they went and they died for it anyway and I'm probably next in line, but there is no way in hell that I'm going to let some blue creeper destroy that machine before I get to see whether or not that damn thing was worth any of this."


Daisy volunteered to go with him, planning to stay behind so that she could prevent Earth's destruction, but Deke wouldn't let her. "You drive me out of my skull. This part of you -- this impetuous, bullheaded squabbler," he spat, but then his tone softened. "When the other side of you is a friggin' hero who can't help herself but do good and be great. The world needs that person to make it home. Just try not to destroy it when you get there." With that, he turned and left for the Zephyr.

Unfortunately, the Kree broke into the Zephyr's lab before Deke reached Enoch. The Kree soldier wounded Enoch with a blow of his sword, slicing into the robot's head and chest. Deke showed up in time to stop the Kree from dealing a fatal blow to Enoch, but the gunshot caused the alien to slam into the machine and break part of it.


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"I think this vessel is too damaged to power the monolith," Enoch explained as they attempted to repair the machine. He offered himself as a battery instead. "My battery has sustained me for more than 32,000 Earth years. Modifying the cell stack could create a thermal feedback capable of delivering more than enough power... I will expire, knowing I returned my friends home, and then my battery chemistry will consume my body in an exothermic reaction violent enough to decimate several levels of the Lighthouse."

"So it's not great for the guy that's standing next to you flipping the switch," Deke said with realization, to which Enoch said, "That person would be completely atomized." Nevertheless, Deke agreed to move forward with the plan, and both characters appeared to be killed in the subsequent explosion.

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