Agents of SHIELD Teases Major Character's Potential Demise

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for "A Life Earned," the latest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. might have just killed off Melinda May. In "A Life Earned," the latest episode, May went toe-to-toe with the Kree assassin Sinara. Injured and weaponless, May eventually succumbed to Sinara's power, only for the episode to cut away before viewers could see what happened to her.

The trouble started when Coulson, May and Deke went to investigate what was happening on level 35. They had gotten word that the level was filled with Kree technology, which would have given them an edge they so desperately needed. However, they made another startling discovery: the Kree were controlling human reproduction. There were no weapons here, only an infant.

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Before they could explore further, two Kree guards found them. Coulson, Deke and May fought them off, only for Deke to get stabbed. After the skirmish, May ordered Coulson to get Deke out of there. "Phil, you take Deke upstairs. Make him talk. I'll hold them off," she said. When Coulson protested, she told him to go and he reluctantly left, leaving her to face Sinara alone.

May was able to hold her own against Sinara long enough for Coulson and Deke to escape. She used a Kree weapon to deflect Sinara's deadly spheres, whacking them away like baseballs. However, Sinara used May's leg injury against her, then flipped her onto her back, leaving her breathless. The scene cut away as Sinara drew menacingly closer. In her next scene, Sinara sauntered into Kasius' quarters with a smile on her face and nodded affirmative when he asked her if she'd dealt with "their newest guest."

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Of course, May has been a major character since Season 1, so it seems unlikely that she will be killed off-screen. Nevertheless, the scene does not bode well for her, as the Kree tend to have bad intentions for their human chattel.

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