Agents of SHIELD Clip Pits May Against Aida

Not even a killer robot can keep Agent May down for long. In "Wake Up," the next episode of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", May wakes up in Holden Radcliffe's lab again -- but this time, she's ready to fight.

Immediately upon waking up, May rips free of her bonds and strides for the door, obviously enraged. However, as soon as she reaches the door, Aida punches right through and pushes May to the floor in a flurry of broken glass.

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A fight ensues, and Aida proves she's more innovative than Radcliffe ever dreamed. As soon as May hits the floor, Aida rips a light fixture off the the wall and uses it as a blunt weapon. "Perhaps you are going to be a problem after all," she intones, as May struggles to fight for her life. Of course, Aida is much stronger and far more resilient than May, and she's able to toss her across the room with little effort.

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"I like you, Agent May. I don't wish for you to suffer," Aida says, echoing Radcliffe's earlier sentiment about May being a "poor woman." However, she seems far more willing to kill than he is, despite the fact that he told her to be less lethal in her approach.

Over the first half of the season and into the second, Radcliffe and Aida replaced May with an LMD. Meanwhile, the real Agent May has been kept hostage in Radcliffe's lab, but his means of keeping her sedated seem to be failing again and again. What's more, Radcliffe's carefully laid plans began to unravel in "The Patriot," the last episode of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," when the LMD May discovered what she was. As such, it seems that Radcliffe and Aida won't be able to keep a lid on their secret plans for much longer -- especially considering that Aida is a lot more murderous than she first let on.

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