"Agent Carter" Showrunners, Anka Take Command of "Captain Marvel"

Following Kelly Sue DeConnick's character-defining run on "Captain Marvel," "Agent Carter" showrunners Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas -- alongside artist Kris Anka -- will take over the title when it gets a new #1 issue following "Secret Wars".

"It's been really fun playing in a world where you can do anything," Butters told Fast Company of her new gig. "In comics, there is no budget."

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The new series, which takes place eight months following the conclusion of "Secret Wars," represents more than a creative team change, however. S.W.O.R.D. (Sentient World Observation and Response Department), the military agency tasked with protecting Earth from intergalactic threats, is no more -- and Carol has stepped in to take over those responsibilities.

"Carol is really meant to be a soldier and a commander, and also a diplomat," editor Sana Amanat told Fast Company. "We're really trying to build up this space complex and this space world. You'll really feel like there's an extension of the Avengers world into space, but not necessarily lost out in the Guardians of the Galaxy cosmos. It's rooted in Earth but also an extension into the galaxy."

Beyond her new mission statement, Carol is also getting a bit of a costume overhaul as well, courtesy of Anka.

"We've slightly modified her costume to kind of reflect her new status quo. There's been a lot of controversy about Carol Danvers' haircut," Butters explained. "We really wanted to make sure it was consistent and streamlined. Last year I think a lot of people couldn't get her hairstyle -- sometimes it was short, sometimes it was long -- so we went in and designed exactly what she would look like. Kris really wanted to go shorter, because he felt it aligned with what her new look is all about."

"She's military. She's not going to have this huge mane of hair. It needs to be practical," added Fazekas.

"Captain Marvel" #1 is scheduled to arrive this fall.

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