Agent Carter Returns as Captain America in "Marvel Puzzle Quest" Trailer

Move over, Steve Rogers! Peggy Carter is here to save the day. In a new trailer for "Marvel Puzzle Quest," Peggy assumes the Captain America mantle and wields the shield against her enemies.

"They had the idea of, what if Steve Rogers was actually assassinated at the moment he was going to receive the super-soldier serum? And what if Peggy Carter instead took a step forward, and she joins the Super-Soldier Program in his place? And now Peggy Carter that people will know from the 'Agent Carter' TV show, she becomes Captain America," Marvel Games Creative Director Bill Rosemann​ explained in an earlier interview.

"In Marvel Publishing, we've seen Bucky Barnes -- the Winter Soldier -- take up the shield for Steve Rogers. Currently, Sam Wilson -- Falcon -- has taken the shield and he's become Captain America," he continued. "So I think now seeing Peggy Carter putting her own spin and what it means to be Captain America, I think it's a very inspiring, visual story."

Captain Peggy Carter is now available to play on Marvel Puzzle Quest.

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