"Agent Carter" EP Tara Butters Calls for Fan Support in Campaign to Renew Series

As ABC nears its decision to renew "Agent Carter" for a third season, executive producer Tara Butters encouraged fans to Tweet their support for the series. According to her Tweet, ABC's decision will be made within a day or two.

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#AgentCarter fans today or tomorrow we will probably learn our fate. Tweet your support it can't hurt. Remember to #AgentCarter #abc

- Tara Butters (@breadandbutters) May 12, 2016

Amidst talk of a near lock for star Hayley Atwell's new procedural "Conviction," Atwell's odds at filming both series is suspect -- especially considering ABC's hopes for "Conviction." Additionally, the second season closed with series-low ratings, which further puts the show's chances of renewal in jeopardy.

Nevertheless, fans have taken to Twitter to show support for the cult favorite series. Using the hashtag #RenewAgentCarter, they continue to urge ABC to renew the show.

"Agent Carter" season two concluded with a cliffhanger; one of the show's recurring characters, Chief Jack Thompson, was shot in his hotel by a mysterious figure in black, who took several forged documents that accuse Peggy of heinous war crimes. The finale also saw the demise of Whitney Frost and the first step in Peggy and Sousa's budding romantic relationship.

"Agent Carter" season two is now available for streaming on Amazon.

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