"Agent Carter" Closes Out Season 2 with Series-Low Ratings

Peggy Carter may have saved the world, but the ratings for the final episode of "Marvel's Agent Carter" may not be enough to save the ABC series.

The season two finale, which aired opposite news coverage of Super Tuesday, pulled in 2.37 million viewers and a 0.7 demo overnight rating, hitting and tying series low, respectively. That number will rise when DVR watches are factored in, though how much of an impact that will have remains to be seen.

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Speculation about this being "Agent Carter's" last season have persisted, as the show's ratings have been consistently lower than its first season. The announcement of star Hayley Atwell signing to headline new ABC pilot "Conviction" seemed to be the final nail in "Carter's" coffin, though Atwell has been insistent that isn't necessarily the case.

"There is a chance, from what I know, if both shows get picked up, I'll be doing both," Atwell told CBR News a day before "Agent Carter's" finale aired. "Until I know one way or the other, I can't jump for joy or grieve."

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