AfterShock's You Are Obsolete Is a Thriller Where Children Call the Shots

The newest title to join the roster of AfterShock Comics is You Are Obsolete, by writer Mathew Klickstein (Sony Pictures’ Against the Dark, Slimed!, Springfield Confidential and Selling Nostalgia) and artist Evgeniy Bornyakov (Descendent).

You Are Obsolete follows disgraced journalist Lyla Wilton as she takes on a strange new assignment in order to get back into the limelight. However, when she arrives on an isolated Eastern European island, what she finds is a village ruled by children, with the adults living in fear of their younger oppressors.

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Lyla discovers the kids are using a "killer app" that kills anyone over 40 when used in their direct vicinity. She then has to decide if this is a story that can revitalize her career, or a threat that needs to be reported to the proper authorities immediately.

“The series can best be described as Children of the Corn...but with cell phones instead of religion," Klickstein said in a statement. "A contemporary, technological twist on the classic 'scary children taking power over the adults' story that we've seen in Corn, Village of the Damned, Cronenberg's The Brood and the classic Twilight Zone episode, 'It's A Good Life.'"

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You Are Obsolete, by Mathew Klickstein and Evgeniy Bornyakov, goes on sale Sept. 18 from AfterShock Comics.

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