After Watchmen, what next Hollywood?

The Onion's AV Club runs through a list of other comics they'd like to see get the full cinematic treatment, starting with Frank Miller's Ronin:

Miller doesn’t have the best track record with Hollywood, especially not with his directorial debut, The Spirit, hanging over any project bearing his name. But surely financiers can still remember what a payday Watchmen director Zach Snyder got out of Miller’s 300. Besides, Ronin was practically written for the screen to begin with, and it fits particularly well into the current blockbuster-action aesthetic. Samurai, demons, robot battles, shifting realities, explosions, sex, and above all, massive mindfucks as the story behind the story keeps changing—Miller’s breakout book looks dense and muddy on the page, but it’d look terrific on the big screen. A few years ago, Stomp The Yard director Sylvain White was reportedly attached to a Ronin project… so where is it?

Other suggestions include Dave Sim's High Society, Craig Thompson's Blankets and James Robinson's run on Starman. The site is particularily comics focused this week (in celebration of the Watchmen release no doubt) as they've also got a 101 guide to superhero comics for the uninitiated and the usual bimonthly slate of reviews.

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