"After The Cape" #1 Sells Out!

Official Press Release

BERKELEY, CA -- Image Comics is pleased to announce that the first issue of AFTER THE CAPE has sold out at the distributor. The gritty story of a superhero's fall from grace is connecting with fans, reviewers and retailers alike. Image and Shadowline are considering a second print run.

"We overprinted this issue by 30% so we're over-thrilled to have a sellout on our hands," says co-writer and Shadowline head honcho Jim Valentino. "Since the news hit about the sellout there's been a spike in re-orders. We're watching those numbers, and if retailers demand it, we will go back to press. So get those re-orders in now, folks!"

AFTER THE CAPE tells the story of Ethan Falls, a man who had everything: family, fame, success, and super powers. The cape wasn't just a costume, but a proud symbol of what he had become ... until a crippling addiction took it all away and propelled him towards a life of crime. The comic features stunning artwork by Marco Rudy whose black and white chiaroscuro style brings the anguish and grittiness of the story to full realization.

"Everyone here at Shadowline feels very strongly about this story. The reviews have been outstanding and the sales are reflecting those reviews.Thanks to all the fans and retailers for supporting AFTER THE CAPE!" says Valentino.

Image Comics advises that retailers check their orders for the rest of the series as it continues to attract readers. AFTER THE CAPE #2 (FEB071900) and AFTER THE CAPE #3 (MAR071832) are available for order increase.

To request more copies of AFTER THE CAPE #1 (JAN071919), please contact Diamond Comic Distributers. Retailers can contact their Diamond Customer Service Representative by email at reorders@diamondcomics.com.

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