After Meyer biography, Bluewater will conjure Rowling (and her unicorn)

Bluewater Productions isn't all about biographies of politicians, dead celebrities, dead politicians and presidential pets.

Just two months ago the publisher announced a comic detailing the life of Twilight author Stephenie Meyer. And now comes news the Vancouver, Washington-based company is setting its sights on one of the biggest names in modern fiction: Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.

Like the Meyer comic, the Rowling one-shot will be released under the "Female Force" banner, which has been home to biographies of such public figures as Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin and Princess Diana.

It's unclear, though, whether, like Meyer's title, Rowling's will be narrated by a fictional character. (In Meyer's case, it's "the most famous vampire of them all." For Rowling, I vote for a house-elf.)

"She is a remarkable and multi-dimensional woman," writer Adam Gragg said in a press release. "Learning about who she is and how she struggled to become a success was a truly enlightening experience. Twelve publishers turned her down. If it weren’t for the daughter of a British publisher who liked Rowling’s first chapter of Philosopher’s Stone, we might never have met Harry Potter."

The comic's cover, as Rowling devotees are well aware, depicts a pivotal moment from the author's life previously only seen air-brushed on the side of a van: When an aged unicorn-physician tended to Rowling's dislocated shoulder.

Female Force: J.K. Rowling is set for release in December.

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