After detailing life of Iron Man action figure, fan turns to Thor

For nearly a year and a half, from June 2012 to November 2013, an unidentified Facebook user, with some help from friends, chronicled the worldwide adventures on a pint-sized Tony Stark on a page called Poses (with Iron Man), photographing the action figure in myriad scenarios, often accompanied by captions. Around the house, with pets, in the car, on trips to Chicago, New York City, Uganda and Australia and ... it was seemingly endless.

But then, on Nov. 14, they suddenly stopped. However, this morning, a video appeared, showing a hand reaching in frame to place the Iron Man figure on the shelf, only to pick up Thor. A note reads, "Coming in February ..."

If you're unfamiliar with Poses (with Iron Man), it's definitely worth checking out. It's not as artsy as those black-and-photos of the Batman action figure, but it's a fun collaborative project that involved people from across the United States (including Wil Wheaton), and around the world. Plus, some of the captions are genuinely funny.

See some of the photos below, and stay tuned for more details about Thor's upcoming adventures.

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