AEW's Chris Jericho Explains Why Aquaman Is Better Than Batman

Professional wrestling veteran Chris Jericho -- the inaugural and current World Champion of All Elite Wrestling -- was recently featured as part of the new promotion's supervillain themed collaboration with DC Comics. The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla has now offered his take on some of DC's superheros, explaining that he believes Aquaman is superior to Batman.

"Here's the thing that AEW really focuses on as well," Jericho said in a recent interview with CBR. "I'm not into it, but there's so many guys that are into comic books and video games. I was a huge comic book guy back in the day. DC was my shit. I always loved Aquaman, so when Aquaman finally became a thing again, I said, 'I told you!'"

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From there, Y2J revealed exactly why he considers the King of the Seven Seas to be a better superhero than the Dark Knight. "What's [Batman's] power?" he asked. "All right, Mr. Batman. Drop into the middle of the ocean. See what you got in your utility belt when you start getting tired and start to drown. You're gonna wish you [were] Aquaman. Call a whale [to] take you back to shore. That's a superpower."

As previously mentioned, Jericho was included in AEW and DC's "Supervillain Weekend" crossover event, which saw him -- as well as several other AEW wrestlers -- immortalized in artwork by DC artists. In his interview with CBR, Jericho teased the prospect of collaborations to come, saying he "absolutely" sees AEW comics being released down the road. Who knows? Maybe he'll even get the chance to meet Aquaman.

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